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‘Moving On, Moving Up,’ a New IMTS+ Original Series!

“Moving On, Moving Up” promises to be an enlightening journey into the lives of those influencing the dynamic landscape of advanced manufacturing and the many opportunities it offers.
Apr 01, 2024

I’m pleased to introduce a preview of the new IMTS+ Original Series “Moving On, Moving Up,” where we interview emerging leaders in manufacturing technology and present highlights on IMTS.com/Watch; each episode will be accompanied by an article on IMTS.com/Read. In this first entry, IMTS+ contributing writer and manufacturing influencer Meaghan Ziemba interviews some of the rising stars in additive manufacturing (AM) who are shaping its trajectory. I invite you to watch and listen as they explore the forefront of innovation in industrial 3D printing.

“Moving On, Moving Up” promises to be an enlightening journey into the lives of those influencing the dynamic landscape of advanced manufacturing and the many opportunities it offers. Here’s a glimpse into the article to provide insight into what the new series entails.

In her video and article, “Who’s Who Shaping Additive Manufacturing?” Meaghan Ziemba shares her exclusive discussion with leaders at Formnext Forum Austin:

  • Stephanie Bonfiglio, director of integration and client relations at i3DMFG, is excited to see improvements allowing serial production at a higher volume and lower cost. Bonfiglio finds additive really exciting because of its potential to create interesting and complex metal parts.

  • Ali Forsyth, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO at Alloy Enterprises Inc., is well-versed in engineering science and is working to streamline the production of strong yet lightweight aluminum parts.

  • Noah Mostow, business development manager at Phase 3D, studied powder metallurgy at the Colorado School of Mines and began working in the 3D printing lab at Burton Snowboards. It wasn’t until he started at Phase 3D that he began to understand additive manufacturing.

  • Jacob Nuechterlein, Ph.D., president and founder of Elementum 3D, is a material scientist and metallurgist. He looks forward to making larger parts and in-process monitoring because it offers internal inspection of the part as it’s being printed.

Ziemba’s conversation focused on the following areas:

  • Memorable Moments From Formnext Forum Austin

    • See how the event fostered networking and collaboration.

  • Career Paths

    • Each has a unique journey with some unexpected twists and turns.

  • Game-Changing Innovations

    • Each panelist discussed groundbreaking technologies and processes as well as some pending patents.

  • Educational Outreach and Industry Advocacy

    • Panelists shared ideas to nurture talent and foster a diverse workforce.

  • Industry Challenges

    • The discussion touched on the service technician shortage, data collection, standardization, and the circularity and sustainability of materials.

Explore along with Ziemba and gain insight into the pioneering work of these AM leaders on IMTS+ at IMTS.com/MovingUp.

To read the rest of the Additive Issue of MT Magazine, click here.

Bonnie Gurney
Vice President, Strategic Content & Partnerships
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