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AMT Tech Report: Issue #288

More than just a robot blacksmith. Shop class is making a comeback. All for one. Additive implementation is happening now. Council on supply chain resilience.
Dec 08, 2023

"A person with a watch knows the time. A person with two watches is never sure.

Segal's Law

1. More Than Just a Robot Blacksmith

A-Lab, an autonomous laboratory, can automatically create new types of materials – without human help! Databases and AI come up with ideas, robots do the experiments, and it even learns from past research and improves as it goes. In a little over two weeks, A-Lab managed to make 41 new kinds of materials out of 58 attempts. Yeah, this is a bit more than a denim-clad robot arm hammering away at a glowing ingot! 

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2. Shop Class is Making a Comeback

Did you take a shop class in high school? I wanted to! Frankly, I still do. I was robbed of it! The decline in vocational education was partially due to past educational policies that focused on core subjects. Fortunately for the next generation, vocational training is having a renaissance. This change is helping students who may struggle with traditional academics but excel in practical skills find successful careers. 

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3. All for One...

Sustainability in business means continuously improving operations to protect the environment and conserve resources for the future. AMT Chief Technology Officer Tim Shinbara says it involves setting industry-wide standards for measuring progress. We should all think long-term, reducing our environmental impact and seeking support from others to become more sustainable. We’ve got to be all-in! But don’t forget: You can’t be sustainable if you’re not making money. Sustainability has to be just that: sustainable. 

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4. Additive Implementation Is Happening Now

Energy manufacturers, including major oil, gas, electric, and wind companies, increasingly use 3D printing to create parts quickly and efficiently, driving innovation and sustainability. Despite the benefits and challenges in software development and corporate adoption, AM's expansion and potential in the energy sector continue to grow.

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5. Council on Supply Chain Resilience

President Joey B. has established a cabinet-level Council on Supply Chain Resilience to address critical supply chain issues. This Hail Mary is part of a broader government effort to ensure stable supply chains … and reduce inflation! I won’t hold my breath, but I have learned paying at an iPad equals no tip. Oh gawd, I’m getting old. The council will be co-chaired by the national security advisor and national economic advisor, with top federal officials participating. 

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Stephen LaMarca
Technology Analyst
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