History of AMT

Our Commitment to Manufacturing Technology

The manufacturing industry is a pillar of U.S. history, economy, national security, and identity. It ranks among the largest employers and highest paying sectors; for every dollar invested, manufacturing returns nearly three times that amount to the economy, the highest multiplier of any industry. AMT believes the health of manufacturing correlates to the health of the country and its citizens. As such, we are committed to the expansion of our community, the promotion of transformative technology, the improvement of supply chain access, the facilitation of a global marketplace for increased business opportunity and growth, and the enhancement of industry knowledge for competitiveness and sustainability. By working toward these tenets, we commit ourselves to building a better manufacturing industry and a brighter future.

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Our Story

Founded as the National Machine Tool Builders’ Association in 1902, AMT rose in response to the popularity of early machine tools like mills, lathes, and grinding machines. As machine tools advanced, NMTBA launched the first National Machine Tool Builders’ Exposition in 1927. Throughout the 20th century, AMT promoted its members and industry by holding jaw-dropping expositions, developing global economic forecasting conferences, and pushing into foreign markets. Today, AMT is committed to advancing the manufacturing technology industry by facilitating the adoption of transformative technologies; fostering community and partnerships; producing events that create new business opportunities; supporting global business growth; and enhancing industry knowledge about technology, legislation, and workforce development.

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Looking Forward

AMT has long stood for growth and expansion, and today, our members carry that torch forward. Industry 4.0 and the digital revolution require a comprehensive evolution in how manufacturers do business. In order to explore the convergence of manufacturing and technology, AMT builds connections between the worlds of manufacturing, technology, capital investment, and startup innovation. This fertile, imaginative space invites companies who aren’t necessarily manufacturers to join us. At the same time, our membership boasts small and medium enterprises, global conglomerates, and everyone in between. Whether members need research or market data analysis, global business development support, introductions to the latest technologies, or the latest industry news, AMT is ready. Your AMT membership is a company membership. When your company becomes a member, every employee at that location is able to utilize AMT’s benefits and services.

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